Project Finance

MaxSum Environmental
A Company That Works in Biochar

Project Finance Introduction

Financing New and Existing Projects

The founders of MaxSum have over 70 years of combined experience working in the capital markets. They have transacted 10s of billions of dollars’ worth of notional and investment deals, ranging from highly structured derivative project, M&A, greenfield project financing, bond issuance to name a few. Along with the MaxSum team’s experience, they have developed a large network of investors from the institutional markets, private equity and VC funds to family offices.


These relationships give MaxSum an advantage over any other company in the biochar marketplace. Each project that is undertaken will sit within its own SPV, this will insulate the project from other investments, securing the integrity of the project. Initially, we will concentrate on projects that require between $5mm in Capex – $20mm in Capex, as long as the project meets the criteria required to receive credits from either VERRA or and meets the standards required by the USDA for loan guarantees.

Balance Sheet Investing

MaxSum plans on having a large enough balance sheet to invest proprietary capital into each project that is developed. MaxSum’s investment into a project will include development capital, Capex and operating capital for the biochar project.

3rd Party Capital

MaxSum will utilize 3rd party capital for deals that are either too large for MaxSum’s balance sheet, or in the early stages of MaxSum’s development. A 3rd party investor will receive a preferred return on its investment and a minority equity position in the deal.


In some cases Maxsum might employ debt to finance a project, or use a combination of the above 2 options. The use of debt will be predicated on the cost of either external capital or internal capital.


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