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MaxSum Environmental Pioneering Biochar Project Development:

MaxSum Environmental stands at the forefront of Biochar Project development. Our fully integrated approach uniquely positions us to offer comprehensive solutions for projects at every stage of their development journey.

With robust financial capabilities, we empower projects in their early stages or those seeking expansion by providing both working and investment capital. We go beyond being a mere financial partner; we are your strategic ally, dedicated to propelling your project toward success.

At MaxSum, we take pride in our technical expertise. Our team of experts offers unmatched guidance in project design, ensuring your venture is both efficient and sustainable. We are also well-versed in carbon credit development and sales, simplifying the complexities of this landscape for you.

The basic ‘need to know’ when starting a biochar project. 

MaxSum’s team includes specialists to help you design your project, so that it meets the carbon credit registries standards.

Feedstock Variety

The possibilities for feedstock sources are extensive. Materials such as municipal solid waste, agricultural residues, sewage sludge, wood mill waste, to name a few.

Pyrolysis Equipment Selection

Manufacturer providing equipment in varying sizes, costs, and productivity levels. At MaxSum, we’ve adopted a distinctive approach by developing our proprietary pyrolysis equipment.

Quality of Biochar

The qualities of biochar can vary based on several factors, including feedstock type, pyrolysis conditions, and post-processing treatments.  

Carbon Content

Content can range from 50% to 90+%, depending on the feedstock and pyrolysis conditions.

Surface Area

A higher surface area can enhance its ability to absorb nutrients and retain water in soil.

pH Level

Biochar's pH can vary widely, ranging from acidic to alkaline, depending on the feedstock and pyrolysis process..

Nutrient Content

Some biochar contains essential plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Porosity and Pore Size Distribution

Biochar's porosity and pore size distribution influence its water-holding capacity, aeration, and microbial habitat. 

Jeff Bortniker - Founder & CEO

Experienced business leader who has founded five and sold two previous companies

Jeff is a successful serial entrepreneur, businessman and climate activist. He started his career as a derivatives trader on Wall Street (Drexel) in . He raised $ mm for a weather derivative company which he founded and was subsequently acquired by XL insurance. In he sold his stake and ceded control to focus on his next project. In he founded Equator Financial Capital, with $ m from Harvard Endowment, a pioneering PE fund investing in forest protection and terrestrial carbon sequestration. His groundbreaking work garnered him recognition from the Clinton Foundation in . In Jeff co-founded a carbon credit focused business with $ mm of start-up capital he raised. Most recently Jeff served as the North American Director for Climate Projects at South Pole. Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree from UPenn’s Wharton School of Business and a Masters in Sustainability from Harvard

Initial Equity Investment

$ 5m

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